DEFRA Press Statement and Video Link on Livestock Information Programme

DEFRA media statement and video link regarding the new Livestock Information Programme: "Defra champions farm to fork traceability though new livestock service"

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Defra Livestock Information Programme

The development of a new Livestock Information Service (LIP) to give farmers and processors accurate information about animals and their movements was announced on 3rd April 2018 by Environment Secretary Michael Gove.

ALIDMA represents the UK livestock ID industry on discussions within this group via the Traceability Design User Group.

LIP Overview Document:  LIP-Overview_20180329_final.docx

The new LIP service, set to be operational from 2019, will provide the foundation for some of the best farm to fork traceability in the world when the UK leaves the EU, demonstrating our credentials as a world leader in food production.
Identifying and tracking animal movements via electronic IDs (initially cattle, sheep, pigs and goats) also means that the industry and government will be better-placed to respond in the event of a disease outbreak.

ALIDMA Signs BVDFree Statement of Intent Today

ALIDMA, The UK's Approved Livestock Tag Manufacturers' Association, has signed the BVDFree England Statement of Intent in support of this important initiative led by AHDB.

Read report:   2016-BVD-FREE-Statement-of-Intent-2-(1).pdf

ALIDMA members include Allflex Group UK Ltd, Farmplan, Ketchum, Nordic Star/NMR, Quicktag, Roxan Developments Ltd, Shearwell Data Ltd and Symtag.  ALIDMA Members are responsible for 92% of the sheep and cattle tags provided in England, Wales and Scotland *Data Source: DEFRA 2015.


For further information on BVDFree England go to


The members of ALIDMA gathered at The Farmers Club, in London for the Annual General Meeting of the organisation (11th May 2016).  The officers of the organisation are now confirmed as: Chairman - John Symonds, of Symtag, Vice Chairman - Richard Webber of Shearwell Data Ltd and Gill Ainge as Treasurer. 

Following the AGM the members met with DEFRA to discuss a number of subjects including the UK tag approval process, the rollout of Macdonald CPH rationalisation, the future livestock IT landscape, cattle EID and market EID reading performance in regard to EU discusssions on CPRC tolerance.